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Cure Life Pharmaceuticals

Curelife Pharmaceuticals, an ISO 9001:2015 and WHO GMP Certified company is a global healthcare leader that integrates care and research to produce medications that improve people’s lives all around the world. In 2008, we established our first manufacturing facility in Ambala, (Haryana) India. We come with rich Pharmaceuticals expertise & deals in Physician Range, Antihypertensive/ Diabetic Range, Ayurvedic Herbal Products Range, Anti-Cold Medicine, Anti-Diabetic Drugs, Appetizers, Enzyme & Multivitamins, Gynaecology  Medicines, Orthopedic Medicines, and many moreAll of our medicines are DCGI-approved. We develop pharmaceutical solutions with the sole objective of generating a healthier society. Through our Human Health Care Approach, whatever we do is devoted to serving patients and their families first.

Curelife Pharmaceuticals, a PCD Pharma Franchise Company, is a one-stop-shop for all pharmaceutical franchise services. We invite professional and knowledgeable people as well as businesses from all across India to join our Pharma Franchise partners. And we’ll supply them with a whole ecosystem of professional materials, technical aids, promotional materials, and our high-quality medicines at the most reasonable prices. Besides manufacturing pharma formulations for marketing and franchise partnering, our company also offers Third- Party Manufacturing for many pharmaceutical companies.

“Mrs. Umesh Aggarwal ”

The promoter and visionary, Mrs. Umesh Aggarwal, has experience of over 12 years in the Pharma Industry. She has led our company to achieve immense success in the industry. Her strong leadership has driven us to a high position in this tremendously competitive business and his quality-driven approach motivates us to produce the best product range for our partners.

Why “Curelife Pharmaceuticals”?

Our efforts to innovate and implement new medicines in therapeutic areas with significant treatment options are driven by our collective passion and devotion to patient care.


Advanced Infrastructure

We are backed by a sound infrastructure spread over a large area that allows for the efficient manufacture of bulk quantities of high-quality products in huge quantities. We have divided the firm into several separate divisions led by professionals. These units are equipped with the most up-to-date technology and equipment; ensure the efficient design, production, quality analysis, and packaging of products.


Quality Matters

While quality is a broad concept, we define it as delivering our customers and consumers with safe, effective, and trustworthy products and services that continuously meet their expectations. We continue to ensure that proper sanitation, small quantities, and a comprehensive record are in place. This allows us to maintain medical quality at our facility, ensuring that consumers obtain defect-free and effective products.

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Combat with Covid-19

Curelife Pharmaceuticals is supporting the fight against the virus on a worldwide scale. Since the outbreak, we've been using our research and experience to find ways to help while also protecting our people's lives and well-being and managing our worldwide supply chains to support patients and customers who depend on our medicines.


Robust Product Portfolio

We have established ourselves as one of India's best PCD Pharma Franchises and Third- Party Manufacturers in India. From discovery to development to commercialization, our Company’s growth is facilitated by cost-effective, vast pharmaceuticals products and deep roots of manufacturing excellence. We focus on the right things and executing them the right way, and we make the best use of our resources and ensure our ability to offer our customers the highest quality products.


Our Mission

Our mission is clear; we strive to make a significant long-lasting contribution to the community ethically and sustainably by integrating our human health care philosophy.


Our Vision

To be recognized as an Indian healthcare facility with a global presence that contributes to making the world a better country. We develop our guiding values of Integrity, Quality, Excellence, Unity, Results, and Teamwork.


Our Five Pillars

At the core of Curelife’s success is our consistent focus on and accomplishment of our five strategic pillars: 

  • Quality 
  • Customer Service
  • Innovation 
  • Cost-Effectiveness 
  • Manufacturing Excellence